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Track & Trace

Primeline have made significant investment to ensure that customers have access to real-time information. Each driver is equipped with the latest Motorola MC65 hand held device which relays live delivery information to our clients online. All stages of transit are monitored as outlined below:

 Goods scanned at client warehouse using Primeline Scanner
• EDI file transmitted from client warehouse to Primeline depot
• Client jobs uploaded into Azyra Systems via Client EDI file
• Southern and Northern Ireland depots receive job details
• Goods Transhipped in Primeline UK depot
• Goods Shipped direct to Southern and Northern Ireland Depots
• Each item scanned into Southern and Northern Ireland Depots
• Exceptions captured through piece scanning
• Exceptions reported back to Client in real time
• Goods scanned onto each delivery vehicle
• Goods scanned into each delivery point
• POD information captured in real time at delivery point
    and available for Client to view on Primeline web tracking portal
• The PDA is capable of capturing images i.e. Premises closed,
    wrong address etc. which can be tagged against the relevant job
• Daily exception report transmitted to Client COB daily
• KPI delivery report transmitted to Client by 12:00 daily